The book 'THE THEORY OF GRAVITATION' was published in 1966. Officially it is out of print but several copies remain in the author's possession and, so long as stocks last, the book will be sent with the author's compliments and at the author's expense to anyone who can affirm having purchased a copy of Aether Science Papers and requests a copy by E-Mail enquiry to:

All that is requested in return is that recipients will be sufficiently serious in their interest in the physics of gravitation to debate with their colleagues, particularly academic colleagues, the issues which this aether-based theory raises.

Essentially, the broader and up-to-date spectrum of the author's unified field theory, is the subject of 1996 text. For order information see Aether Science Papers. The 14 papers, reproduced in A4 format from the scientific periodicals in which they were first published, constitute the main section of the book. The front section of the book is a 68 page commentary entitled 'The Creative Vacuum'. In view of the importance of making scientists aware of this work, it has been decided to publish the opening 68 pages here in these Web pages.