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Having, as it were, seemingly immersed you in a sea of aether, but in a pictorial sense, I now seek to introduce the aether in detail, not within these web pages, which I now want to confine to the technological aspects of ENERGY SCIENCE, but by pointing the way forward via my related web site,, to locations where the theory of the aether is to be found.


I wrote the 2001 version of this web page some three years after entering DISCOURSE No. 5 on the web site and at a time when I had begun to bring my publications into PDF (Portable Document Format) form which can be read by Acrobat Reader. Accordingly, I can now rely on easy reference to the original published forms of what I have written over the years since I began my investigations into the detailed form of the aether.

An appropriate starting point, by reference to that separate web site where I address the physics theme, is to draw attention to the book I wrote in 1996 entitled 'Aether Science Papers', pointing out that my aether theory was the subject of an evolving sequence of publications, namely 'The Theory of Gravitation' (1960), 'The Theory of Gravitation', 2nd Edition (1966), 'Physics without Einstein' (1969), 'Modern Aether Science' (1972), 'Gravitation' (1975), and 'Physics Unified' (1980).

It was in the years following that 1980 period that I found my scientific papers on the subject were less likely to be rejected for publication by so-called 'peer review' and so my published work of the 1980s is in the regular scientific periodical paper form. Evenso, lost as those papers are in the academic jungle of science on record in university libraries, it seems worthwhile to provide this Internet information.

'Aether Science Papers' was published in 1996, essentially because I had declared the intention to provide that sequel on the back cover of my 1972 book 'Modern Aether Science'. I think it appropriate, therefore, to refer now to what I said on the last page of that work and refer also to its back cover summary.

I invite you to browse through these items, taking note of what I say about the 'supergraviton'. In reading that again in this year 2001, I see that in 1996 I promised a 'technological sequel' to that work ('Aether Science Papers'). These web pages will evolve into that 'sequel'. Meanwhile, I urge you to delve into that book and build an understanding of the aether by following the reference leads. Hopefully you will then share my enthusiasm for the science that this insight into the aether affords and, possibly, come to share in the onward effort to seek out the best way of tapping into the vast energy resources of that aether.

I will aim to compile that 'technological sequel' by building on the nucleus of Energy Science Reports that I will incorporate into my TECHNOLOGY section of these web pages, as well as in the Bibliographic section of my site It will evolve in stages as I compile, possibly in book form, an updated account of what is discussed in the existing Reports.

Use this link to see the text of the last page and back cover of 'Aether Science Papers'.

Harold Aspden
September 1, 2001
& July 10, 2003