This is one of a series of 10 Energy Science Reports made available by the author through U.K. company Energy Science Limited, under the publishing name Sabberton Publications.


ISBN 0 85056 017 9

This is a 41 pp. report by which the author introduces experimental evidence that offers promise in the quest to discover new ways by which to regenerate spent energy. It is shown how one can verify that there is more energy set up by a magnetic field traversing a pole gap than is supplied to the magnetizing winding. This implies that the quantum activity sustaining action in a ferromagnetic core can tap energy from the the thermodynamic state of the aether. There is an analogous way in which magnetism can be used, not to tap energy from the aether, but as a catalyst which converts heat in the body of the test apparatus into useful electrical form. This is a thermoelectric effect which seemingly defies the second law of thermodynamics and gives basis for the second experiment described. This report provides background for onward more specific reporting on the author's experimental efforts in this series of Energy Science Reports. This Report No. 1 concerns the research status as at February 1994.

The full text of this Report can be seen via the following link: REPORT No. 1