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1960: The Theory of Gravitation

This is a printed booklet which aimed to put on record the basic principles of the author's theory as it had developed by the end of 1959. It marked a transition in the author's career from a professional position with a major electrical manufacturer to a senior management position with IBM.

1966: The Theory of Gravitation (2nd. Edition)

This work is a photo reproduction of typescript written to update progress on the above theory since 1960.

1969: Physics without Einstein

This was a major work of 224 pages, printed in hardback and softback editions. Owing to its controversial nature and anticipated hostility of the scientific community it was not offered for publication by a regular publisher, but was published as a private venture by the author under the name Sabberton Publications, 'Sabberton' being the maiden name of the author's wife.

1972: Modern Aether Science

This 165 page work was printed also in hardback and softback cover form. It was written to meet a request from readers of 'Physics without Einstein' who wanted to see a non-mathematical treatment of the subject. This book was then the subject of a sarcastic review by a rival author in the journal 'Nature' (239, p. 235, September 22, 1972): "Dr. Aspden is one of a group of unorthodox writers who, bewildered by the abstract but precise world of mathematical physics, escapes into a fairyland of outmoded physical description".

1975: Gravitation

This was a shorter printed work in hardback and softback cover form, which concentrated on the progress of the author's gravitational theory to incorporate advances to the 1975 period, by which time the theory was evolving to the stage where a breakthrough discovery was made concerning proton creation.

1980: Physics Unified

It was here that the theory could be presented in a consolidated form, linking gravitation and fundamental particle creation, and was ready to branch out in diverse directions trespassing deeply into the territory of quantum electrodynamics. This book is in a sense a second edition of 'Physics without Einstein'. It has 206 pages and was published in hardback and softback covers.

1996: Aether Science Papers

Between 1980 and 1996 the author found that scientific periodicals were more willing to accept his papers for publication and took early retirement from IBM in 1983 expressly to become a Visiting Senior Research Fellow at Southampton University in the author's hometown in England. In 1996 it was decided to publish in laminated covers this A4 size photo-reproduction of 14 of these papers together with a 69 page introductory text, which includes references to 106 published scientific papers by the author.

1994-1997: Energy Science Reports

These are ten research reports published between 1994 and 1997 which were intended to stir interest in the research theme discussed. It is now intended to consolidate further effort on the key technological issue of tapping aether energy in one future publication entitled 'Energy Science', which will feature in due course on this website.


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