The Vacuum Medium - Our Future Energy Source?

This website has two purposes. One is to draw attention to a new book 'Creation:The Physical Truth', by Dr. Harold Aspden. The book describes the quantum underworld of space, a source of energy that we should be able to harness. It is important because it discloses how matter in the form of protons, the nuclei of hydrogen atoms, are created by the ongoing activity of that source of energy. The other purpose is to outline a possible technological method of exploiting that energy resource.

The time has come when our scientific community needs to face up to reality by treading a path that avoids reliance on Einstein's doctrine. Those in government concerned with funding energy research based on the belief that our Sun is powered by nuclear fusion need to ask a question. Why, given that the Sun comprises hydrogen atoms that radiate energy because they are ionized, it is that the mutual gravitational attraction of freed protons, the hydrogen nuclei, does not make the Sun's interior sufficiently positively charged so as to resist the compaction pressure being any greater than applies in its radiating surface regions where the temperature is only 6,000 K? Vast sums of money are being spent to build reactors that aim at producing temperatures of 100,000,000 K to trigger a fusion reaction, all based on a false notion about the Sun's energy source. There is surely risk in replicating conditions that relate more to hydrogen bomb technology than the power source that keeps our Earth warm.

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CREATION: THE PHYSICAL TRUTH (1-84624-050-6; Hardback, 201 pages, U.K. price 15.99) by Harold Aspden, published by THE BOOK GUILD LTD is available through all good booksellers or it can be ordered in U.K. with a credit/debit card by telephoning 01825 873133 or, if outside U.K., by telephoning +44 (0) 1825 873133.

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