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This website presents a deliberately concise summary account of something of vital importance to the future of mankind. The world needs a new source of energy, one that is not an exhaustible commodity subject to powerplay as between nations. Yes, one can dream and then awake to say this is impossible, but I urge those with the necessary skills to heed what I have to say in my three messages below.

First, however, let me introduce myself. My name is Dr. Harold Aspden. I am retired and elderly but have had a lifelong scientific interest in fundamental physics relevant to the energy theme. My 6-year university education in U.K. was at Manchester University and Cambridge University (Trinity College). My 33-year working career in U.K. comprised 9 years with English Electric and 24 years with IBM. Though having high technical qualifications (see below), being interested in the specialized field of protecting inventions pertaining to electrical engineering, I became a Chartered Patent Agent and later a European Patent Attorney. My last 19 years with IBM were spent as Director of IBM's European Patent Operations. This was followed, in my early retirement, by 9 years as a Visiting Senior Research Fellow at Southampton University and thereafter my scientific interest has been a private pursuit evidenced by my writings as on this and my related websites. My formal qualifications are: B.Sc., Ph.D., C.Eng., F.I.E.E., F.I.Mech.E., C.Phys., M. Inst.P., C. Sci., Wh.Sc.

Message No. 1: Physicists have come to recognize that there exists a quantum underworld alive with energy and permeating all space. However, their related research aims merely at probing experimentally the spectrum of elementary particles that have a transient existence as a product of that energy activity. The reward they seek is recognition should new particles be discovered and, by their properties, reveal connections with other particles that help in formulating a new theory or verifying an existing theory. Sadly, they do not see that quantum underworld as a potential source of energy that we can harness. Nor have they understood how most of the energy shed in creating matter formed the elementary particle which bears the name proton and which, together with the electron, constitutes the hydrogen atom.

There is also a secret they have yet to fathom. It is the effect of creating a radial electric field centred on electrical charge around which that quantum underworld can develop a state of spin that causes it to shed energy. In the presence of a radial electric field set up by an electrically charge body, whatever constitutes that quantum underworld that permeates all space shares a motion like that of sequence dancers who keep in step with one another as they move around the dance floor, a synchronous motion, which, in the presence of that radial electric field can only be held if a secondary motion develops around an axis centred in that radial field.

How else could the Sun spinning about its own axis have come into existence? Here we have gravity attracting hydrogen atoms and pulling them so closely together that ionization occurs, meaning freeing some electrons from their proton bonding, and so, because the mass of a proton is very much greater than that of the electron, creating a Sun having a body that is positively charged sitting within an outer shell of negative electron charge. Two free protons experience a mutual rate of gravitational acceleration that is 1836 times that experienced by the interaction of two electrons. The body of the Sun, therefore, has a uniform mass density and a uniform positive charge density enclosed within a compensating negative charge at its surface. This is because gravitational compaction forces balance the expansion forces attributable to electrostatic repulsion. It further means the presence of a radial electric field within the body of the Sun and, in turn, owing to the effect of this field on the space medium of the quantum underworld, this induces a state of spin accompanied by release of energy from that medium to feed the kinetic energy of that spin.

In depth analysis of the physics involved, meaning the effect of the resulting radial electric field on that quantum underworld, then allows one to calculate the resulting rate of spin and thereby understand how the solar system was created.

So, if the reader is a physicist, here is the way forward and full guidance on this is to be found on my parallel website www.aspden.org or in a new book of mine entitled Creation - The Physical Truth, that will be published in the near future. However, if the reader is not a physicist but has the technological aptitudes of the university-trained electrical engineer then it is Message No. 2 below that warrants attention.

Message No. 2: If it were possible to generate electrical energy by tapping an omnipresent medium it is surely to be expected that the occasional natural phenomenon might already have hinted at this possibility. Consider, therefore, the thunderball, a glowing spherical object sometimes seen, especially following a lightning storm. It appears aethereal in the sense that it can move unimpeded through matter, yet remains an enigma, an unsolved mystery of record in the annals of science. Lightning strokes are high current discharges which, as electrical engineers well know, can develop a 'pinch effect' squeezing the electron-carried current into a filamentary flow within a cylindrical channel of positively charged air. That implies a radial electric field, a pulsating radial electrical field if the discharge surges, a sure recipe for something to happen that could form a miniature Sun, the thunderball. So when we look at a thunderball we are looking at a natural phenomenon that has drawn energy from that quantum underworld of space, energy which is then dissipated, but energy shed by a process we can surely harness, once we understand the physics involved.

Scientists lacking the necessary imagination do not seek to understand how the thunderball is created and so they seldom write about it. So here we have something to think about. It is Nature's message telling us: "Produce a radial electric field, one that pulsates, and you can develop a spin that taps energy from the quantum underworld of space." As engineers, however, we need to be practical and, if possible, we should avoid trying to replicate a phenomenon that involves powerful electric discharges, if there are better ways in which to proceed.

So now I come to my primary theme in this Message No. 2. It is a brief survey of a few of the claims of record that have declared a mysterious energy gain and have features which I see as relevant to what has been said above. In particular I draw attention to the research findings of four different pioneers in what has come to be termed 'The Search for Free Energy', this being the title of a really excellent book by Keith Tutt, published by Simon & Schuster in 2001. Three of these are described in considerable detail in that work. I now ask you to keep in mind my reference to a radial electric field as I mention each of them below and do realize that electrical structures of cylindrical form are a key feature.

Nikola Tesla is famous for his research concerning electromagnetic induction and high voltage solenoidal transformer apparatus (Tesla coils) and he is said to have demonstrated an automobile which derived its power by tapping energy from space. He did not disclose its design details and died leaving us with a mystery. Tesla coils comprise large solenoidal windings concentrically mounted and operate with high voltage pulsations between their cylindrical forms which must produce a pulsating radial electric field between those windings. So, although electromagnetic induction effects are the primary focus of attention, there is here scope for the electrical action described in Message No. 1 above. Tesla may well have stumbled experimentally upon a way of tapping energy from space, but without understanding the true underlying physical process.

Dr. Henry Moray, a pioneer of the 1920-1930 era, demonstrated something which merely needed a kind of antenna, a wire connected from tree tops to earth via electrical apparatus in the boot (trunk) of his automobile. It is said that the latter included several capacitors and that a kilowatt level of power was generated. In this case the automobile merely carried the test apparatus for demonstration at a location remote from a built-up area and any electrical power line interference. No doubt Moray was seeking to follow in Tesla's footsteps by drawing energy from the Earth's electric field, known to be measured in hundreds of volts per metre. It is likely that those capacitors were of Leyden jar type configuration, that is cylindrical in structural form, and that the wire linked to tree tops tapped charge at a kilovolt voltage level. However, the output power claimed could surely not have come from that source. Therefore one must assume that Moray used that treetop voltage input merely to prime the voltage across his capacitor electrodes, whilst incorporating some special feature in the operation of his electrical circuit that gave access to the energy of the quantum underworld. Capacitors having concentric electrodes of cylindrical form will, when charged electrically, have a radial electric field in the space between the electrodes. Several capacitors coupled together could give rise to oscillations of charge as between the capacitors and so lead to a pulsating radial electric field. Yet though demonstrating as possible something that should not be possible, a mysterious inflow of energy able to illuminate several light bulbs, Moray could surely not have understood the true physical process that was feeding energy into his apparatus. Again I see this as relevant to what is stated in Message No. 1.

Stan Meyer demonstrated apparatus that included sets of concentric tubular electrodes enclosed in a cylindrical container filled with water, the electrodes being fed by high voltage (5kV) pulses. Combustible gas was generated, a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen, the burning of which generated far more heat than could be accounted for by the electrical energy input. Energy was being tapped as if from nowhere unless the source was the ambient medium of space itself. Here there was a pulsating radial electric field and electric charge oscillating between different components in Meyer's apparatus. Meyer did not offer any useful explanation as to the physical process underlying what he could demonstrate but persisted in conveying the message that the invention was wonderful and talking about a multiplicity of applications such as powering automobiles, ships etc. This is the project not mentioned in Keith Tutt's book. As for the Tesla and Moray projects Meyer's research was a U.S. based activity. It did, however, attract the interest of a British Admiral, Admiral Tony Griffin who was concerned with the impact of new technology upon the marine industries. Griffin witnessed Meyer's demonstrations and was interested in its development. Indeed an article on the subject mentioning Admiral Griffin and entitled 'Free Energy for Ever' was published in the January 1991 issue of the U.K. magazine Wireless World. The importance of the article was evident from the fact that the Editor of that magazine was the author.

Paul Baumann, a member of a Christian community in a isolated valley high in the Swiss Alps has constructed working free energy devices which have been demonstrated to visitors. The first working prototype was relatively small and included a pair of glass Leyden jars, concentric capacitors. Keith Tutt in his book devotes 30 pages to this subject. The high voltage needed to prime the capacitor operation was generated by a Wimshurst machine driven by the electric power generated. The community has, however, kept design details secret. In spite of such information as is available the underlying physical process governing its operation remains a mystery. Yet I can but feel confident that what I say in my Message No. 1 provides the answer.

Message No. 3: My Message No. 1 has drawn attention to the physical process by which the vast amount of energy needed to create the Sun was extracted from the quantum underworld that permeates all space. My Message No. 2 has drawn attention to the reported efforts of just some of the several energy research pioneers who actually demonstrated apparatus that, contrary to accepted scientific principles, drew energy from a mystery source. My Message No. 3, based on recognizing the common physical feature can but be the suggestion that technology for generating our power needs from the hidden underworld of space has to be possible. Accordingly, I will now outline what I see as the basis on which to build the ultimate power generating device that harnesses the physical principles presented in Message No. 1.

Being 78 years of age and no longer having access to university research laboratory facilities, I can but leave it to others to take note and, hopefully, prove me right. If proved right then the world will benefit and the impending energy crisis will be avoided. Hopefully also, the scientific community might then be willing to accept my claim as to how the quantum underworld deploys its energy into proton creation and is active in producing the phenomenon of gravitation. I know of no other theory that has been able to derive theoretically the value 1836.152 of the proton/electron mass ratio. I would like to see that recognized as my contribution to man's knowledge.

Consider a capacitor formed by a pair of concentric cyindrical electrodes, something many of us remember from the school physics laboratory, the Leyden jar. However, the capacitor structure I have in mind is very much larger and has to be operated at a quite high voltage. When that voltage is applied between the electrodes electric charge is displaced in the underlying vacuum medium located between those electrodes. A commensurate amount of electric charge is thereby held in place on those electrodes, a negative polarity charge on one and a positive polarity charge on the other. Given my claim that this is accompanied by 'vacuum spin', aether rotation, which has imported an equal amount of energy owing to a quantum phase-lock as between the charge of the vacuum medium, we have the energy gain we seek to exploit.

The problem, however, is that, with this simple capacitor configuration, the only control parameter available is the reduction of the voltage between the electrodes. This will shed energy within the circuit of the apparatus used, the outflow of electric charge at the voltage difference merely delivering energy equal to that originally supplied by our voltage source. The added energy imported from space is merely dispersed by the 'vacuum spin' slowing down but expanding beyond the bounds of the capacitor electrodes as it conserves its angular momentum. The energy imported from the quantum underworld of space has no way of enhancing the energy output of the capacitor circuit and so is left to dissipate itself and eventually be reabsorbed by that quantum underworld that pervades all space.

However, now consider a concentric electrode capacitor having a third cylindrical electrode intermediate the inner and outer electrodes. Here we have a control parameter other than the voltage between the outermost and innermost electrodes, because we can wonder about the voltage of the central electrode whilst retaining the other voltage difference at a constant high level. In fact, by keeping the latter voltage difference constant but varying the voltage of the intermediate electrode we can decrease the capacitor energy of one half of the overall capacitor as that of the other half decreases. The imported energy shed by one half of the overall capacitor can then contribute to the action that energizes the other half and thereby induce oscillations from which energy can be extracted and deployed as a power source.

One needs two such capacitors having their central electrodes coupled through a load circuit in order to capture the 'free energy' inflow and get it to do useful work rather than being dissipated. An inductance in the coupling circuit can determine the oscillation frequency and, since the energy inflow increases with frequency, this should no doubt be well into the kilocycle region. The figure below is a simple schematic diagram of the electrical apparatus that I have in mind.

So my Message No. 3 is what I may describe as a 'thought experiment', one that I cannot verify myself, owing to my age and lack of facilities. I therefore can but record my thoughts and hope that others will prove me right and not wrong.

The capacitors depicted in the figure should have their electrodes spaced so that the capacitance C as between their central and outermost electrodes is the same as the capacitance C between their central and innermost electrodes. Suppose that the outermost electrodes are maintained at a voltage of 20,000V relative to the innermost electrodes. This means that the two central electrodes will be at an intermediate voltage which we expect to be 10,000V in the absence of oscillations. However, as with any ever-active electrical system, there will be minor voltage fluctuations affecting the central electrodes. So we may ask what happens if the voltage of the central electrode of capacitor A decreases owing to electric charge being shed by the inner capacitance C but gained by the outer capacitance C. Think about that for a moment. You will see that it implies reciprocal action in the opposite sense by capacitor B, as current flows from A to B via the central inductor coupling. Yet no net current flows from the 20,000V power source.

Now, of course, common sense backed by our scientific training assures us that this system can but keep its equilibrium without those minor voltage fluctuations building up in some way. Yet, if we heed Message No. 1 and keep in mind Message No. 2, there is a question we must ask. If current does flow through that central link between A and B, one half of A and one half of B both shed energy and so release the imported 'vacuum spin' energy, if such is present. This occurs as other halves of A and B have to gain energy and as angular momentum of the imported 'spin energy' spreads into the other sections of the capacitors. The question then is: "Does that imported energy escape, as it does for the two-electrode capacitor configuration, or might it be retained and so augment the action?"

I submit the answer can only be provided by actual experiment. If the energy does escape then there is nothing further to discusss. However, if some of that energy is captured then we can expect an escalation of oscillations in that inductive link and so can then say that a new source of energy has been discovered. Those oscillations will be a function of the capacitance C and the inductance of the load circuit. Given a high frequency and a high voltage a significant level of power per unit volume of capacitor structure will be produced. If power output at a level commensurate with the claims of Tesla, Moray, Meyer and Baumann results the world's energy future is then assured. A pollution-free energy resource powered by the quantum underworld of space will be at hand wherever we are on body Earth.

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Harold Aspden, 19th March 2006